Pixel Launcher Mods – Icon Packs & More v1.2 Stable APK [Latest]

Pixel Launcher Mods

Pixel Launcher Mods allows you to change icons, labels and widget sizes on the Pixel Launcher, as well as many other Launcher 3 based launchers, including the Google Now Launcher. It’s also working on Lawnchair, but is not recommended as that launcher has its own built in options


Available Tweaks:
– Change icons (Changing Individual icons as well as applying full Icon Packs supported, and applying from file too!)
– Change Labels
– Hide clock on the home screen (requires accessibility service)
– Double tap to sleep (via a widget, read the instructions in the “Tweaks” section of the app)
– Automatic dark theme for SystemUI and launcher during Night Light/Battery Saver (requires Android P)
– Modify widget sizes (down to 1×1 if you wish)

Q: My icons/labels keep reverting
A: This happens when an app updates. Whilst Pixel Launcher Mods tries to re-apply automatically, it doesn’t always work. Open the app and hit “reapply” (or you can use the app shortcut if you’re on 6.0+)

Q: Can you implement X feature?
A: Probably not. This app works off modifying the already available files – not the app itself. Whilst there are some mods you can make by editing the Shared Preferences (such as enabling/disabling the Google search bar in the app drawer, changing the top row of apps in the drawer and enabling the “bounce” animation), they get reset every time the launcher loads, so are useless. I can’t implement icon hiding, icon size changes, grid size changes, overlapping widgets, or any of your other favourite custom launcher features – use a proper custom launcher for that

Q: This doesn’t work on X launcher!
A: Is it Launcher3 based? Is it close to Launcher3 in terms of code? If not, this app probably won’t work. If it’s reporting it can’t be used or giving errors, it’s not close enough to Launcher3 and can’t be used

Q: Not all my apps are showing in the app list/The app is telling me it can’t load my apps
A: Go to your home screen, then open the app drawer and scroll to the bottom and back. Repeat this a few times, and re-open the app. You will need to repeat this any time you clear the data of your launcher.

Q: Can I backup/restore icons/changes?
A: Yes. Copy the entire “com.kieronquinn.app.pixellaunchermods” from /sdcard/Android/data/ to another device/save it somewhere and restore, then open the app and hit “Reapply changes”. Your changes will be applied to the selected launcher.

Q: I’ve found a bug/App crashes/Launcher crashes
A: If you’ve found a bug specifically in my app, please post it in this thread, with a logcat. If it’s with the launcher, try doing the same, but be warned it may not be fixed – I can’t fix bugs in other apps caused by my own mods after all!


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Pixel Launcher Mods v1.2 Stable APK / Mirror

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