Alcohol Party Calculator v1.0 [Paid] APK [Latest]

Alcohol Party Calculator

Alcohol Party Calculator

Need to know what bottle of booze has the most amount of alcohol in it for the cheapest price?

How about the amount of alcohol that you will need for a party?

You can calculate both with this app!

The cost volume analysis portion of the app will accept a volume (metric or English units), a proof (0-200), and a price (currency does not matter). It will then tell you the cost per unit of pure alcohol. For example, a 750ml bottle of 80 proof for $10 will cost 3.3 cents per ml of pure ethanol. Likewise, a 64oz bottle of 90 proof for 15 euros would cost .52 euros per ounce of pure ethanol.

The party estimator portion of the app will tell you how much alcohol you need for a party. Just fill out all of the input boxes and use the slider to move the average BAC (how drunk you want people to get) to whatever you desire. Please be aware that this is an average and that each person is responsible for the amount they consume (some people may drink more than others). This will give you an ESTIMATE of the alcohol required based on the algorithm for determining BAC. The output is in liters because most liquor is bottled in .75 or 1.75 L containers.

This app is available to everybody for educational/recreational use. Please follow all applicable drinking laws.


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  • Alcohol Party Calculator Screenshot


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