Account/Ledger Maintenance Book v2.6.1 [AdFree] APK [Latest]

Account/Ledger Maintenance Book

Account/Ledger Maintenance Book

Account Book/Account Manager is an expense/ledger Maintainance app. A Digitalized way of keeping track of all the Khata’s traditionally used by shopkeepers or small businesses basically in India.

Account Book/Account Manager helps you to digitally save your accounts/ledgers on your device and help in moving on from keeping records on traditional books.

Account Book/Account Manager also contains a Special Jeweller Mode for jewellers for maintaining their metal balance with customers

Account book/Account Manager enables you to-

-Add/Delete a customer with a profile pic for better recognition of their acount

-Edit Customer Information Anytime

-See all the transactions with the customer on a single page

-Add your Company Name

-Attach Bill Images,Challans etc. with the transactions

-A Special Jeweller Mode for jewellers in which you can Handle Your Metal Balance for customers

-Share Ledger Details On WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

-Backup And Restore Data Anytime (Local And Google Drive)

-Edit/Delete Transactions

-Call/Message Customers To remind them About Payments

-Protect Your Data With Fingerprint/Password Protection

-Auto Backup Your Data(Local & Google Drive)

-Ability to Export Accounts To Excel

Download the Account Book/Account Manager Today

Works Great On All Android Tablets And Mobile Devices.

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Account/Ledger Maintenance Book v2.6.1 [AdFree] APK / Mirror

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